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'Celebrate' commissioned by The Other Art Fair

Collaborations and Commissions

Roy has carried out many collaborations with businesses, charities and artists over the past few years. Here you will find a selection of works he has created for them.

Celebrate (1280x807) Britannia (1280x960)

'Britannia' commissioned by The Royal Mint

The Race small At The Movies small London Life small

'The Race, At The Movies & London Life, all commissioned by Tiime Out Magazine

Clock 3 (683x1024) Plug 3 (683x1024)

Commissioned by Psychologies Magazine

Big Issue (1280x853)

Commissioned by The Big Issue UK

spider 2 (1280x767) hermit 5 (1280x813)

Commissioned by Sea Life London

Copyright Roy's People 2017

Citroen 2 Citroen 1 Citroen 3 Citroen 4 pirates and parachutist Bears samp Shop 1 (960x1280) (480x640) Climbers (960x1280) Swimmers (1280x1280)

Commissioned by Pot Noodle 2017

Commissioned by Gillette 2017

Commissioned by Citroen 2017